We look forward to servicing your allergy testing & treatment needs!

Whether you are a single-veterinarian practice, a large clinic, or a Veterinary Dermatologist we are here to help provide you with world class allergy solutions for your patients.

Here is a video that tells you a little bit about us and our processes. By partnering with Spectrum, you join veterinarians in over 70 countries who

trust their testing and treatment needs to us. Welcome!



Order Forms

Complete an order and history form for each sample submitted. If submitting multiple samples, please be sure to label samples and corresponding order forms.

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Request Supplies

Need tubes, FedEx envelopes, more marketing materials? We've got you covered. Submit the form below and supplies will arrive within 7-10  business days.

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Shipping Label

Generate a prepaid FedEX shipping label. Call 1.877.721.5316 or visit FedEx.com to schedule a pickup.  Send samples to 2801 S. 35th St. Phoenix, AZ 85034.

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Results Booklet

Results are posted 72-hours after receiving the sample. Custom result booklet will be mailed in 7-10 days.  Interpreting results or ordering treatment? Call us at 877-721-5316.

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